Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Chai Seed and Eggnog Pudding

Holiday Chai Seed and EggNog Pudding

I love holiday deserts but too much sugar and processed food makes me lethargic and kind of grumpy.  But having no treats during the holiday season is no fun, so I improvise and substitute.
Chia seed and Eggnog pudding is a yummy little desert that is gluten free, low in sugar, high in fiber and big on happy holiday taste.

    2 cups Soy eggnog- feel free to substitute coconut, almond or hemp milks
    1/2 cup Chia Seeds
    1 Banana
    Fresh nutmeg
    1 glass quart canning jar with lid

Put chia seeds and egg nog into quart jar.  Cover and shake well.  For the next 15 minutes shake periodically to keep chia seeds suspended.  If you let sit, they will clump and no one likes clumpy chia seeds- right??
   Keep in refrigerator until you are ready to eat.  When ready for a treat, pour the chai seed mixture into a bowl, add fresh sliced banana and a sprinkle of fresh nut meg.  The sugar content will come from your banana and eggnog. 

Hints:  If you want a thicker chia seed pudding just add less liquid.  Also, if you want plumper seeds, soak your chia seeds overnight they will absorb more liquid.
     If you want a sweeter treat- use a sweeter eggnog, riper bananas or add a bit of sweetener.

My discovery of  chia seeds came from one of my all time favorite books called Born to Run by Christopher Mc Dougall.  This is a great book to read while eating chia seed pudding!

Hope you enjoy and happy holidays!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Abundance of Less

While thumbing through the November Forbes Magazine, I came across an add for Run Simple.  The heading read:  "Simple Saves.  Complexity spends $1.2 Billion of your money every year.  The world's top 200 companies lose 10% of their annual profits to managing complexity.  Not overcoming, but managing."

This got me thinking about the value of clearing out our clutter and simplifying our lives.  If we can gain 10% more time, energy & money by simply letting go of our extras and our complicated, that would be a pretty good goal way to go into 2015- don't you think?  By doing less, having less and keeping our lives simple we will actually gain at least 10% of our lives back.

This holiday season, consider doing less, keeping our days simple, our business simple and our lives simple.  And by the new year, instead of being tired and having more stuff, we will all have more. There is abundance and freedom in less.  Simple gives us breathing space to live.

May your life, your holidays and your abundance flow with a simple ease.