Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finding breathing space in household chores

How do I know if a clean out or space clearing has been effective?  I can breath deeper.  This may sound like woo-woo talk but if you notice to how your own body responses to a good clean out you will know it is true.

Next time you clean out your garage, your referigerator, a book case, your garden bed... start by pausing before beginning and notice how looking at it makes you feel.  What does your body feel like, where is there tension and what thoughts or emotions show up?  Now, clean away, get lost in your project.  Go by instinct and clean fully present.  During a good clean out or space clearing unplug!  Do not answer your cell phone, check e-mails or text anyone, turn off the TV and radio!  Just clean and listen.  

When the cleaning is all done, pause again and notice where you are in relation to where you started?  I think you will find, as I do, your shoulders may be tired but they will be at ease, your breath will be deeper, richer and more expansive.  Cleaning out our reduces our stress- naturally.  Cleaning out gives us energy and often inspiration.

In the course of cleaning out you get to de-stress and accomplish a project all at the same time.  Talk about getting the most for your time and effort.  

Cleaning out can also be used for old fashion therapy. If you are feeling stuck, depressed or lost in which direction to go.  Pick something- it doesn't really matter what- your underwear drawer will do in a pinch.  Now clean it out- all the way out. Empty the whole drawer, clean the drawer and mindfully organize this new space.  Get rid of anything worn out, torn, stained, unused, disliked or misfitting.  Put your drawers back into a useful order.

Pause again and notice how you feel.  Sometimes our best projects come from the simplest things.  Cleaning is a simple little effective gift that gives more than it gets.

Happy cleaning and deep breathing!
     Denise Frakes