Thursday, November 28, 2013

Unexpected gifts of Black Friday

It is early Thanksgiving morning.  I was going to sleep in but like clockwork my body awoke before the rest of our home so I could start my daily practice.  Sally our flop eared smiler and Q-tip our always hungry kitten are also wide awake always ready for any action.  On second thought, Sally is ready for any action, Q-tip is impatiently waiting for his breakfast- he loves to eat!!

We have already celebrated our family Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago.  Which by the way I highly recommend!!  On Saturday the 16 of November we gathered 19 to our home for Turkey and all the fixings.  Everyone brought something to the feast, we used colorful paper plates, compostable plastic utensils and plastic cups.  Simple yes, but it was what I had imagined Thanksgiving should be.  I was indeed grateful for my family, our home, our abundance of food and blessings.  It felt like we all were.

This early Thanksgiving idea came from Black Friday.  My step mom works in retail.  Today, the official day of Thanksgiving, she will be going into the store at 7:30pm, working all night for all the early Black Friday shoppers.  This odd and sleep deprived schedule created our Thanksgiving day change.  hint: Never rule out where your blessings can come from!

4 holiday benefits to doing turkey day 2 weeks early!!

1.  More family and friends could join our celebration as this day didn't interfere with their normal
holiday traditions.

2.  The prep and planning seemed easier and the grocery stores weren't in a frenzy.  I could gather my cooking supplies whenever I wanted and didn't have to wait in lines or push through crowds.
     (on the flip side, the turkey selection was slim and most of the holiday sales hadn't started yet.  I did find an all natural turkey for $15!)

3.  But- and this is a huge but...  We all got an additional 2 weeks before Christmas- which feels a lot like breathing space!!!!  I do love breathing space.  Especially this time of year, when my schedule fills up but my body wants to calm down.

4.  Turkey day was held on a Saturday, which gave us all of Sunday to put the house and dishes back together and take a nice solid afternoon nap.  (we did use the grandma dishes for serving)

These are simple things really but when you enjoy the simple things in life, life seems simpler!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, however you find this day, may you also find an abundance of blessings to count and yummy food to eat.

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