Saturday, September 21, 2013

A sure fire way to beauty

 "Keep your eyes beautiful, they are the windows into your soul"  Fortune cookie wisdom

   I had this note pinned to my bulletin board for years.  It reminded me beauty comes from the inside out.

   When my grandma Ella was in her nineties and in the nursing home, I was amazed at her beauty.  My grandma had a hard working life.  Growing up in the depression, eating sandwiches with no meat and little else.  After she was married, she and my grandpa had a dairy farm, working long hard hours every day until she was in her late 50's.  Even when she moved to town she found a job pressing drapes and washing clothes- still hard work.

   What I am getting at is she worked hard.  Her life was hardly coated in bon bons and fancy face creams and yet... in her nineties she was so beautiful.  How did this happen?

   While my grandma was at that nursing home, maybe her body was wearing out but her spirit remained incredibly intact.  Her curiosity and wonder were never more evident and her love of people  continued to flourish.  We would visit for hours.  She would tell me about recipes Martha Stewart was making on TV that she wanted to try. ( my grandma couldn't see the TV but would listen and memorize)  She knew every nurse, all about their families, job, life and how their day was going.  She loved people and loved wondering and she was absolutely beautiful.

  Her eyes would sparkle, she would radiate as she spoke.  Maybe her skin was wrinkled and all her hair gray and maybe her teeth weren't sparkly white but she was without a doubt beautiful.  And why was this?  I think it was because her spirit and soul were still as beautiful as she was as a young woman- maybe even more so.

Just a thought for the day,
    wishing you beauty for a life time,



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