Thursday, April 4, 2013

Running in the rain is not so bad

OK, is it just me or does something change in your perspective once you are actually out in the rain?  Tonight, I went for a run with Sally our flop eared smiler (dog).  It took a while before we got out the door because it was raining outside! Oh-no, not rain, I might melt.  Finally, the skies cleared out a bit and we took a chance and headed out the door. 

Sometime during the run, it started raining again.  Funny thing is, I didn't even notice it started and when I did I only felt refreshed by the rain!  How crazy is that shift in perspective? My expectations of a little water were keeping me from something I love and that refreshes me!! 

I know next time it rains I will probably pause for clearer skies but maybe next time my pause will be slight and my run long! 

Wishing you clear skies and refreshing rain,

'If you do not express your own original ideas,
    if you do not listen to your own being,
      you will have betrayed yourself"
                                     Rollo May