Thursday, January 12, 2012

How do you define prosperity?

Can you feel more prosperous than a well stocked pantry? Perhaps, but tonight I went shopping and had this feeling of joyful contentment as I emptied out my grocery bags. How lucky are we to be able to fill up our pantry!

Doesn't it feel good to have all the necessities along with special treats at your disposal? Currently, our pantry is stocked with forbidden rice, coconut sugar, mung beans, green tea with toasted brown rice, raw cocoa powder, real vanilla, ground organic cinnamon, roasted laver with grape seed oil and oh so much more.

Of course, letting someone in on the contents of one's pantry is very personal. But I would not know about coconut sugar if my sister hadn't told me about it. I got a recipe for raw cocoa and avocado pudding at Marlene's market. The green tea with toasted brown rice is one of my personal favorites at a sushi restaurant we frequent and the forbidden rice I read about in a book. Sharing fun and creative finds is what friends are for. If you have any delicious discoveries in your pantry pass them along.

Prosperity can be measured by more than just money in the bank. It is a questions I'm asking myself today, how do I define prosperity? How do you define it?

As always, wishing you a healthy and happy home,
Denise Frakes
Co-Owner of Blue Sky Services
Certified healthy home specialist

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