Monday, August 29, 2011

What is Residue Free????

Just what is residue free??? Residue free is simply leaving no residue behind. Residue being defined as something unhealthy and usually unintentionally left behind.

Here are the usual suspects: cleaners, disinfectants, deoderizers & plug ins, solvents, sealers, protectants, bleach, hair sprays, spray tans, perfumes, flea bombs, pesticides, craft paints, glues, carbon monoxide, lead, mercury, dust and dust mites, tobacco smoke, cooking fumes, household paints, fireplace smoke, shredding particles, coatings and finishes, dryer sheet fumes and not last or least new car smell spray! This is a partial list of chemicals being left behind in our homes at scary volume and high frequency rate.

This residue left behind adds to the attraction of soil in a home. Surfaces with cleaner left behind usually re-soil faster- making us want to use more cleaners. Fragrances and disinfectants sprayed into the air get into our lungs and bodies. The fragrances may contain solvents and phlalates. The disinfectants we use to kill living organisms, in case you didn't notice, we are also a living organism. Chemicals left behind mix with other chemicals forming new toxins. Aerosols and fine mist sprays get into the air and can float around for long periods of time- becoming the air you breathe and a potential allergen or asthma trigger. Particles come from the outdoors and indoors, over time they get smaller and smaller until they stay airborn and become your air.

Residue free is learning how to create a home with health being the focus. When you are done cleaning there should be nothing left on the surface besides the surface, no cleaner or water! Residue free is becoming mindful of how toxins enter our systems: by breathing, ingesting and touching. Being residue free is minimizing the contaminates we bring into our homes, it also minimizes the contaminates we touch, eat or breath. It is not only beneficial to your own family and your budget but also our environment. Residue free is about less being more.

Being residue free isn't hard and once you have gone residue free it is compelling to stay there. Your body, your family, your pets and your home will all be healthier and give you a big thank you!!!!!

There are essentials to a healthy home and there are essentials to a residue free home. Together this combo makes for a truely healthy home!

As always, wishing you a healthy and happy home.
Denise Frakes
Certified Healthy Home Specialist and Residue Free Expert

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