Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Smiling at what comes your way

Tonight I went out for a run. My left leg tied up and I ended up walking. Sally-my flop eared smiler-walked right along with me. I guess I would have preferred running but some days you get what you get. My Aunt Velma is great about making the most of whatever life brings her. I remember her mom, my great grandma Biddle, sitting at our kitchen table shucking peas. She was just happy. I don't know if she loved peas as much as she found a way to love whatever she was doing.

I can take a lesson from my wise family. I couldn't run today, but the night was absolutely beautiful. I realize I'm incredibly lucky to be able to walk and to live in a place where I am safe and free to do just that. Maybe tomorrow I will be back running. If so then great, if not well I hope I have the wisdom to enjoy whatever the run or walk brings.

Wishing you the freedom to enjoy whatever the day brings,

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