Monday, September 20, 2010

Relax it is only a little walk...

It is Monday morning and only 4 days until the start of the Susan G Komen 60 mile walk. Guessing the weather is like guessing how many hairs are on my cat. As we get ready and pack for the upcoming 60 mile walk, the weather is a major factor. So far in the last week it has called for clouds, sun, and rain. This weekend the forecast for the 3 day was rain, rain, rain. This morning it is looking like partly cloudy and sun! If I have a say in the matter, I pick partly cloudy and sun. I like walking in the rain, but 60 miles and then camping at night-in the rain???? I hope those little pink tents are waterproof!!
As the event gets closer I'm starting to feel a few butterflies. My sister has a theory: It is only when you feel butterflies in your stomach does it mean you are doing something big enough to have an impact on your life. Her theory is comforting.
Maybe if I put the walk into an different perspective it wont seem so daunting. In 4 days, I get to stroll around the NW on the first days of autumn, with a good friend. Along the trail there will be lots of kind strangers, all dressed in pink, who will feed, water and care for us. At night, we get to camp under the stars, surrounded by a few thousand friends and probably just as many port a potties!
Ok, that did make it seem like a fun outing!

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