Friday, August 27, 2010

Somewhere between crazy and amazing

29 day countdown to the 3-day

I have to be honest, I sway between thinking this walk is a gift and it being a act of crazy. Most likely it will be both. One of my concerns is not having trained enough, as I started the walk late into the year. Luckily, I walk or run most everyday, but I in no way have been covering this kind of mileage. In fact, I had gotten into the rut of taking Sally and Reggie-our dogs- for little-speedy walks. Reggie is 17 and can only go about .5 miles. Sally could go all day, but I had been only taking her for about 1-3 mile walks. This is not exactly training for a 60 mile walk.

When I visit with people- friends, family and customers- I get a mixed opinions: nuts, amazing, crazy, kind, insane, tough. I understand all the above and I think most of these opinions at least once throughout my day.
Yesterday, I was at a job. There was a window washer doing his job and we got to talking. He, his wife and son will be going to Scotland to hike 80 miles in 4 days!! Not only did my walk seem smaller in comparison it seemed infinitely more doable after taking with this ultra-walker. Our walk is only 60 miles with incredible support along the way. He will be out in the middle of no where and they are their own support. This is one fit family!
I asked for walking and training tips this is what he advised: develop a very strong core of muscles; great shoes/ not brand new shoes; using different shoe inserts than the ones that comes with the shoes; and finally lots of training prior to the event.
Great tips and I guess there is a lot of crazy and amazing going around.
Thanks for all your support-

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