Monday, August 23, 2010

Little pink tents

Did I mention, during this walk we will not only be walking 60 miles in three days but at night we will be camping and sleeping in little pink tents?!!!!!! Over the last couple of weeks I have rotated which part of this walk gives me the most butterflies. Raising $2,300 in 6 weeks, walking 60 miles or camping in little pink tents with 3000 other women. Somehow catching up on my rest while camping doesn't sound that rejuvenating.
A couple of weeks ago, when my friend and I did the training camp on Whidbey we also camped. Over 3 days, we walking 38 miles and camped in a little green tent. On Saturday night, it down poured. We were a sad little pair... tired from 21 miles and sitting in a little wet tent, in the dark. Come to think of it, that wasn't as unsettling to me as showering at the campgrounds. I'm not fond of being cold. Somehow walking 21 miles and then getting your shower kit to go to a cold and maybe not so clean shower may be the worst part of camping.
This walk is not for the faint of heart!!!!! But I guess surviving cancer makes you pretty darn tough. On the happy side, I am discovering a like for pink and an humbling discovery of the generosity of others.

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