Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 days before the big walk

I was visiting with my mom yesterday and she gave me some info that was news to me. Both of my great-grandmothers had breast cancer. My great-grandma Stella died from it. This all happened when I was young and un-aware.
Now that I'm older, I guess I'm still probably
un-aware. But the fact remains, this is a dangerous and deadly disease.
Journal- today is 30 days before the big walk
My hat is off the the thousands of women and men who have walked before me. This is a big deal. It is kind of like the iron man of walking. We will almost be walking 3 marathons in a row while camping in little pink tents!!!!! (I know, I can't seem to shake my wonder of the 1500 little pink tents.)
A friend of mine will be walking this Friday in Colorado. She did all her training and fund raising without a team. That is both amazing and tough. These walks are scheduled all over the US, with thousands and thousands of walkers at each event. Good Luck this Friday!!!!
There are probably thousands of reasons we are all walking. I'm walking to support a friend who had cancer this spring, she is walking in memory of a lost friend to breast cancer last fall, some walk just to feel like an athlete instead of a cancer patient, others walk because a family became ill. I can't even imagine all the reasons but over this summer thousands and thousands of people will take this challenge in hopes to do some good in the face of something so dreadful.
For all who help us in this journey-thank you. (even if your think we are crazy-thank you!)

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