Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Act of Discovery

25 days and counting down.....
This past Sunday we took the ferry to Anderson Island and walked 17 miles. The Friday prior, we walked 10. I figured the beginning of this week I would be less than peppy.
Yesterday, I mowed the lawn. Dallas reminded me my walk was going to be 3 days of solid walking, I might consider doing something physical on Monday. So I mowed the lawn. Within the first few steps I noticed something incredible... my legs felt fresh!!!!!!!
My upper body was a little tired but my legs felt great! This walk is more than just 60 miles, it is an act of discovery. Prior to walking this weekend I was diligent about being hydrated: water, ginger water, fruit, green drink and electrolytes. I've noticed when I'm fully hydrated my muscles don't hurt or ache. I'm definitely getting in better shape but I was amazed how healthy I felt yesterday. Today-still feeling good.
The walk on Anderson was beautiful, lots of fir trees, madrona trees and long hilly roads. Walking this far is not boring but relaxing - like a very slow road trip. It took us 6 hours to walk 17 miles. That is a good road trip.
Thanks for all your support!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Somewhere between crazy and amazing

29 day countdown to the 3-day

I have to be honest, I sway between thinking this walk is a gift and it being a act of crazy. Most likely it will be both. One of my concerns is not having trained enough, as I started the walk late into the year. Luckily, I walk or run most everyday, but I in no way have been covering this kind of mileage. In fact, I had gotten into the rut of taking Sally and Reggie-our dogs- for little-speedy walks. Reggie is 17 and can only go about .5 miles. Sally could go all day, but I had been only taking her for about 1-3 mile walks. This is not exactly training for a 60 mile walk.

When I visit with people- friends, family and customers- I get a mixed opinions: nuts, amazing, crazy, kind, insane, tough. I understand all the above and I think most of these opinions at least once throughout my day.
Yesterday, I was at a job. There was a window washer doing his job and we got to talking. He, his wife and son will be going to Scotland to hike 80 miles in 4 days!! Not only did my walk seem smaller in comparison it seemed infinitely more doable after taking with this ultra-walker. Our walk is only 60 miles with incredible support along the way. He will be out in the middle of no where and they are their own support. This is one fit family!
I asked for walking and training tips this is what he advised: develop a very strong core of muscles; great shoes/ not brand new shoes; using different shoe inserts than the ones that comes with the shoes; and finally lots of training prior to the event.
Great tips and I guess there is a lot of crazy and amazing going around.
Thanks for all your support-

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 days before the big walk

I was visiting with my mom yesterday and she gave me some info that was news to me. Both of my great-grandmothers had breast cancer. My great-grandma Stella died from it. This all happened when I was young and un-aware.
Now that I'm older, I guess I'm still probably
un-aware. But the fact remains, this is a dangerous and deadly disease.
Journal- today is 30 days before the big walk
My hat is off the the thousands of women and men who have walked before me. This is a big deal. It is kind of like the iron man of walking. We will almost be walking 3 marathons in a row while camping in little pink tents!!!!! (I know, I can't seem to shake my wonder of the 1500 little pink tents.)
A friend of mine will be walking this Friday in Colorado. She did all her training and fund raising without a team. That is both amazing and tough. These walks are scheduled all over the US, with thousands and thousands of walkers at each event. Good Luck this Friday!!!!
There are probably thousands of reasons we are all walking. I'm walking to support a friend who had cancer this spring, she is walking in memory of a lost friend to breast cancer last fall, some walk just to feel like an athlete instead of a cancer patient, others walk because a family became ill. I can't even imagine all the reasons but over this summer thousands and thousands of people will take this challenge in hopes to do some good in the face of something so dreadful.
For all who help us in this journey-thank you. (even if your think we are crazy-thank you!)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Little pink tents

Did I mention, during this walk we will not only be walking 60 miles in three days but at night we will be camping and sleeping in little pink tents?!!!!!! Over the last couple of weeks I have rotated which part of this walk gives me the most butterflies. Raising $2,300 in 6 weeks, walking 60 miles or camping in little pink tents with 3000 other women. Somehow catching up on my rest while camping doesn't sound that rejuvenating.
A couple of weeks ago, when my friend and I did the training camp on Whidbey we also camped. Over 3 days, we walking 38 miles and camped in a little green tent. On Saturday night, it down poured. We were a sad little pair... tired from 21 miles and sitting in a little wet tent, in the dark. Come to think of it, that wasn't as unsettling to me as showering at the campgrounds. I'm not fond of being cold. Somehow walking 21 miles and then getting your shower kit to go to a cold and maybe not so clean shower may be the worst part of camping.
This walk is not for the faint of heart!!!!! But I guess surviving cancer makes you pretty darn tough. On the happy side, I am discovering a like for pink and an humbling discovery of the generosity of others.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good intentions and a little bit of garlic

While contemplating my zillion miles of training for the 60 mile walk, I created a most yummy lunch. Here is my recipe.

7 second garlic and fresh kale

Olive oil

The ingredient amounts depend on how many are eating. I cooked enough for one, but should have made enough for 3.

Cut up some fresh, out of the garden, kale. Put it in a medium hot pan with a bit of water to steam. Add frozen or fresh edamame and a dash of salt, cook until tender.

While the kale and edamame are on one steaming, start another little pan and add a glop of olive oil. Put 2 cloves of garlic in the microwave for 7 seconds. Take out smash, peel and mince. (the 7 second cooking of garlic is a tip my mom gave me in AZ this summer. Takes the bite out of garlic- tip of the year) Toss in the pan with olive oil the: garlic, raisins and walnuts. Add a dash of salt. Saute until tender. Add the garlic, walnuts and raisins to the kale and edamame and serve.

A girl can not walk only on good intentions, sometimes you need good fuel and a little garlic.
Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for your support

Friday, August 20, 2010

The kindness of strangers...

A picture of tonight's walk

Walking Journal...
I'm beginning to realize how kind women are. Wednesday night, Dallas and I were out to dinner celebrating his b-day. I got to visiting with the restaurant owner, who runs marathons, about my upcoming 3-day 60 mile walk. Keep in mind, we were at a restaurant where you always visit with other restaurant goers. Anyway, there was a lady next to me who had walked the 3-day several years ago. She asked me to send my fund-raising info so she could donate to my walk.

Yesterday, I sent her the info and today she donated $60 to my walk!!!!! She also responded to my e-mail with support and suggestions to help me reach my $2,300.00 dues.

Her kindness is incredible and I'm starting to see how women are truly supporting each other in this walk for the cure. Tonight, I feel humbled at Cindy's donation and very lucky to be able to participate in something so big! Thank you Cindy!!

Happy walking to all, may you have health and happiness

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dont panic when running up a hill

This is Oscar and he looks like I feel today. Not so much the chunky part but the wiped out part. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Lots of traveling, walking 38 miles- over 3 days, committing to raising $2,300.00, plus I gave a talk to the NWIDS last Tuesday night.
Today I'm just a little tired. Nothing a good night sleep and a day in the office to catch up wont fix but still when you are tired the path ahead of you seems a little more daunting than when you are rested.
Here is my philosophy: When you are running up a hill, do not decide how far you are going to run. When the run is a struggle, your perspective will be too near sighted. Today, I'm running up hill. I will not panic about my fund raising efforts or my ability to walk 60 miles while camping at night. Instead, I'm going to write about my feeling and share the experience of a this walk for a cure. Later today, I'm going to go eat dinner with Dallas and some great friends.
I can always panic tomorrow, but today I'll just put one foot in front of the other and get to bed early!!
Wishing you all a good nights sleep!

Monday, August 16, 2010

1 in 8

Thought of the day:

One in eight is the statistic for a women's chance of getting breast cancer. I don't doubt that statistic, as I have been visiting with others about the Susan G. Komen's 60 mile 3 day walk. I have been blown away by how many families have been affected by breast cancer: mothers, sisters, fathers, neighbors, aunts, friends and wives. It's not just women either!


Today, I went for another walk. I think I walked about 6 or 7 miles. That is a far cry from the 60 miles I'll be walking with my friend come Sept 24-25-26. 60 miles- talk about crazy!!! I've been a runner most of my life but recently more of a 2 mile stroller with our dogs. My comfort zone has been dramatically altered, but this change isn't a fraction of the change that happens in the life of someone diagnosed with breast cancer.

As I walk, I'm feeling stronger. When I started walking in the end of June, my feet hurt more walking 5 miles than they did walking 21 miles. Still, 60 miles seems a little crazy!

Wishing you health and happiness,