Monday, April 26, 2010

Purple potatoes break ground in Lasagna garden

It is working!!! I have potatoes, carrots and beets all coming up in my lasagna garden. It was touch and go for a couple of weeks as it took about 2 weeks for the plants to break soil. It probably had more to do with our temperatures than my lasagna garden. My other non-lasagna garden bed with carrots took just as long to sprout. Dallas-my husband-doesn't think I'm the most patient of gardeners. I keep looking and looking-waiting and waiting.
I planted both purple and red potatoes. The plate in the picture features both purple potatoes and mung beans a picture of my lunch last fall. The purple potatoes are coming up with deep purple leaves. Both types of potatoes just came from my grocery store I let sprout in my pantry.
Next to plant, will be my Aunt Velma's corn from Holyoke, lemon cucumbers, more carrots, squash, and of course tomatoes and peppers. It is looking like our garden experiments are so far so good.
When I get a chance I'll catch you up on my worm bin fertilizer- I have a productive herd of worms!!
Wishing you a garden of abundance.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Scientific Fridays 91.7

A new find has found its way into my car. I stumbled across it about 2 months ago. Nothing you buy or can go see but something to listen to.

Flipping though radio stations about 2 months ago, I stumbled on Scientific Fridays. I was hooked. It is by far my favorite radio day. If I'm lucky enough to be driving around on Friday's it is not a chore but secret hooky time.

The best part is, no one even knows how much fun I'm having... well I guess you do now... but before I came clean, it was just my little secret Friday bonus.

Yesterday, the topics were;
Scientists chase tornadoes to solve mysteries
TV Weathercasters skeptical of climate science
Pulling power from the plains

I caught part of "Pulling power from the plains". It was mainly about capturing wind power, with a panel of experts from multiple fields- very interesting.

I know not everyone loves science, but science is more than just laboratories and people in white coats. Science is everywhere and includes everything. With that base you can imagine the wide variety of topics and guests.

Next Friday it you are lucky enough to find yourself out tooling around tune into 91.7 and see for yourself. I like the station most days, but Fridays are by far my favorite... You can also check out the program line up at

Happy learning,