Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It is in the intent and the details

Thanksgiving, where did the word thanksgiving come from? I don't have to do lots of research to grasp it is meant as a time to be thankful and to give. This week my sister and I are planning our family Thanksgiving. Remembering why we are celebrating seems in order. It is not about stress, fitting into our schedule or long hours of cooking.

Last night I visited with my mom, she is preparing a dinner for 17. Yesterday, was Monday and she had already done her planning, shopping and started baking. We figured this would be about a 6 day project; lots of energy, lots of money, lots of time, lots of work. As we talked, I was sad I couldn't be with her to help, she is in Colorado I am in Washington. She reminded me this is not a chore, she does this for love. She always has.

When I was little, she would cook special meals on Sundays. Even though she worked all week, went to church in the morning. Sunday was special the dinner felt rich. When there was a holiday, we would get out the grandma dishes. She taught me to set the table with care and detail. The plates one inch from the edge of the table. The colorful grandma dishes needed to be arranged so like colors never touched. The water glass directly over the knife and the blade should always point toward the plate.

Why would someone who worked hard all week go to such detail and work to prepare a special meal? For love, she did it for love. There is something special about preparing a meal with the end result to bring those you love together, feeding not only their bodies but their souls. A time where the world stops, even if there isn't much money in the bank, we can enjoy a time of great abundance in just being together in a setting created with tender loving care.

My mom taught me many lessons, most of which I probably forgot. And until last night I had forgotten why my mom would go to so much work- for love.

This was a good conversation to have before I start my own cooking- to remember why I will be cooking this week- for love, there is much love in the details.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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