Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fresh Out of the Garden Tortilla

Saturday at 1:00 pm.

My house is clean but my stomach was complaining. Before I head off Federal Way's Farmers market I needed to eat. My tendency would be to grab something fast and maybe not that healthy just so I could keep going. Heavens help me if we stop for a few minutes: eat a little bite, catch our breath and maybe enjoy just a bit of this gorgeous sunshine.

What are we rushing around for? Isn't today the most important day? Why don't we stop and enjoy this moment before moving on? I will and I did. Firsts things first- food- I needed food.

A lesson Dallas and I learned very early in our cleaning career- you must eat and hydrate yourself. You can't clean on an empty stomach with no water. You can try but it's just a matter of time before your body will ignore you and stop.

A better idea is to listen and do as your body begs. This Saturday I did and ended up making the best lunch. Just in case you find yourself at the end of a project with a growling stomach give this recipe a try;

Fresh out of the garden tortilla
In a skillet put in one flour tortilla
turn on burner to medium

In the tortilla
grate a light layer of mozzarella cheese
chop up some fresh basil
slice a small fresh sweet pepper
cut up a few sweet cherry tomatoes
top with a light sprinkle of sea salt

Warm until cheese melts - don't flip just fold and serve

This was better than any fast food!!
Here's to a happy and healthy home,