Friday, April 17, 2009

Residue Free

It's Friday night and I wonder what residue did I leave on this day? In our business residue is something left behind on accident that will eventually attract soil and make a surface look undesirable. Most of our jobs are created by residue left behind on stone, tile and grout. We are hired to remove the residue, restoring the surface back to its original beauty. For our company, residue is usually made up of excess soap, dust, moisture, grease, etc. This residue can be singular or it can be a combination of most of these residues. We are forever teaching our customers how to leave their surfaces residue free.

For a surface to be residue free, means there is nothing there but the surface. Going back to my original question, I wonder what residue did I leave on this day? In life, your attitude is what leaves the greatest residue. What was my attitude today??? Did I leave the world lighter, brighter, more joyful? I wonder. Did I notice and appreciated this beautiful spring day? Was there a layer of worry, of distraction left on this day? It's a good questions and a question I should ask myself every day. In the morning, maybe I should wonder what residue do I want to leave behind? Following up at night to ask myself, what residue did I leave?

For years, residue has been a common word at our home. We wonder, how do people not notice the residue they leave behind that attracts so much soil? Maybe we should be wondering what our own emotional attitude was and was it an attitude that would attract soil or leave this day residue free? Just a little food for thought!